so I wandered around


some pictures from a Sunday evening I spent "wandering" around ... No, the title is just a digest of a nice song! I simply had a walk with my sweetheart (my camera) and wanted to keep the nice moments.

IMG_3561 IMG_3563 IMG_3605 Kopie IMG_3569 IMG_3566 IMG_3537

At present, I am feeling really good and I don't know why. I am going to watch some "Dr. House" and "Lie to me" now, guys! See you soon!


introducing Mai


Urm, later than I actually purposed, I would like to introduce myself. It is kind of weird and difficult to describe yourself objective and (as far as possible) truthful. If you have any questions about me, my works (camera, program used, etc.) or other things, feel free to ask me anytime.


... if my blog doesn't suffice and you cannot get enough of me. ;)

Nevertheless, here are some basic information.
My name is Mai Mergili, I am 16 and currently living in Germany and actually from Bangkok, Thailand. So far, I have already lived in a few cities, constrained to move. My life is somehow normal; school, family, friends, music, photos, art, books, food, travelling; common activitites. I have got two sweethearts in my life, one is my Canon I use to take these pictures you get to see more or less regularly ... I am able to call it mine since May '11.
In addition to that, this is my second try as a blogger because I actually have a blog at wordpress already.

Here's a timeline (or photoline). 


~ '98

~ 2001

summer 2011

two months later

two months ago

2011 was definetely a "hair year", I have tried bangs and then I cut my hair off and coloured it brown (it turned out rather red-brown) but now I have got black hair again!

Stay tuned for more, xoxo


in that dream I'm as old as the mountains

Sawasdee-ka guys,

a boring day (however: the last Sunday before school starts) is coming to its end. Yesterday, I have been working on a school project for my fine arts lesson for some time (topic: surrealism) and after that, I made myself a sandwich. In order that my fingers could relax a bit, I decided to play some Playstation (hm, a lot of time got lost) ...  anyway, the weather is so nasty. Today: yoga and Mexican food.

IMG_2870IMG_3268 Adore this song: Fleet Floxes (a great indie / folk rock band) with Grown Ocean


can I wake you up, can I wake you up


we had New Year's Eve visitors ... and just look at my hair: back to black.

IMG_2748 IMG_2760 new shoes IMG_2742
IMG_2777 little Leo IMG_2796 IMG_2804 gorgeous Lucia IMG_2807


morning glory


It is a must to write something about New Year, isn't it? And I am aware of the fact. My knees and my tights are totally beat-up because I knelt on the ground taking pictures. Sorry for not showing any of the firework pictures (failures) but I guess that you are able to see them elsewhere.
Instead, I woke up earlier than necessary to keep the atmosphere of the morning after New Year's Eve (not as easy as you might think).

IMG_3252 IMG_3247 IMG_3248 IMG_3239 IMG_3242 IMG_3276