introducing Mai


Urm, later than I actually purposed, I would like to introduce myself. It is kind of weird and difficult to describe yourself objective and (as far as possible) truthful. If you have any questions about me, my works (camera, program used, etc.) or other things, feel free to ask me anytime.


... if my blog doesn't suffice and you cannot get enough of me. ;)

Nevertheless, here are some basic information.
My name is Mai Mergili, I am 16 and currently living in Germany and actually from Bangkok, Thailand. So far, I have already lived in a few cities, constrained to move. My life is somehow normal; school, family, friends, music, photos, art, books, food, travelling; common activitites. I have got two sweethearts in my life, one is my Canon I use to take these pictures you get to see more or less regularly ... I am able to call it mine since May '11.
In addition to that, this is my second try as a blogger because I actually have a blog at wordpress already.

Here's a timeline (or photoline). 


~ '98

~ 2001

summer 2011

two months later

two months ago

2011 was definetely a "hair year", I have tried bangs and then I cut my hair off and coloured it brown (it turned out rather red-brown) but now I have got black hair again!

Stay tuned for more, xoxo