Sawasdee-ka my dearest followers,

These holidays are the most unproductive but also most delightful holidays I have ever had. I am so happy!!! ... and really satisfied and confident but there are still so many things to do and finish before school starts and I don’t know how to manage that because there are tons of time-killing things and people which and who keep me busy. Well, furthermore, the holidays have taken a surprising but awesome turn! Here are some pictures of the last days.

IMG_6676 IMG_6674 IMG_6427 IMG_6474
what could this be? IMG_6433 delicious culinary delicacy from Thailand (sweet stuff which looks like fruit and chilli) IMG_6439 IMG_6441 oh yeah, me and my green thumb IMG_6455 IMG_6461 zsm1 IMG_6657 my day: skilled work and a trend drink (but it's so super delicious!!) IMG_6669
IMG_6446 Ahja, noch eine kurze Anmerkung für euch. Gute Blogvorstellungen bei Chrisi und Pascal