all the pretty things that we could do


Just found some pictures from a cooking lesson my mom gave a few weeks ago. We met with my parents’ friends and cooked a lot of delicious Asian food (spring rolls, Thai chicken wings, red curry soup … we had 8 dishes). I didn’t have any time to edit them at all … but well, holidays are sooo nice.

IMG_3366 IMG_3373  I wasn't the only one taking pictures IMG_3368 IMG_3427+3447 IMG_3379 Shiitake mushrooms IMG_3382 IMG_3404 I think I have a fetish for taking pictures of raw meat (remember?) IMG_3407 IMG_3406 taking a pause with my dearest mommy IMG_3456 IMG_3433+3441 amount of garlic we used (!) IMG_3444 stuffing for the spring rolls ... but I actually like the ones with carrot more IMG_3454 gonna be really really spicy IMG_3475 letting the other people "rolling" the spring rolls and also broiling them IMG_3487+3501 "spring roll in flagranti" IMG_3509 finally eating ... I haven't taken any pictures of the finished food because I was so hungry that I totally forgot it ;) IMG_3519+3520