es ist egal, aber

Sawasdee-ka guys,

Uff. Finally, the week is over. Friday, Friday, Friday (imagine me singing like Rebecca Black).

May I be honest? I hate this blog-thing, I would rather prefer a portfolio or also love a pure and clean foto-blog without any words. And sitting in front of this empty blogger-page is like a writer sitting in front of a blank Word document or an artist sitting in front of a blank linen (ohh, I still have to create three oil-pastel-landscapes??).
On the one hand, I could tell you something about my exciting day (school until 11 o’clock, eating, taking photos, sleeping, editing the photos, reading, eating, doing some sport, reading, eating, eating, phoning, pc, … really interesting), or on the other hand, I could tell you what I have learned in the last days (but I won’t, too touchy-feely), or also, how guilty I feel because I haven’t posted any outfit pictures yet although my header reminds me every single time about the fact that it is a “FASHION and photography blog” (I am sorry but it’s too cold and I am uninspired).
Wow, I was able to inconspicuously smuggle in many boring information so that I don’t write only two sentences every time I blog – but let us be honest. How many people really read what you blog.

I am feeling like eating a hamburger. With a lot of cheeeeese. And I somehow don’t really like plastic bottles.

Good night and enjoy the duckface-bathroom pictures!

IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3670 IMG_3709 IMG_3777 IMG_3742 IMG_3732 IMG_3734