doomed from the start


So weird how fast time flies when you've got holidays. It's already Thursday and I haven't really done anything yet.
But I've received some positive, surprised and surprising feedback regarding my new header and stuff, so I decided to show you some old drawings.

IMG_4881 Tuesday's outfit IMG_5049und5050zsm IMG_5040 original OISHI Green Tea (I always drink it in Thailand!), so delicious IMG_4935 drawing time zusammen my brother made me this one IMG_5064 some old drawings IMG_5071 IMG_5072 3zusammen after using oil pastels IMG_5092

This song is by Kasabian. I love it so much and I regret not having continued listening to Kasabian when I listened to them the first time!! Their music is so great.

Kasabian - Goodbye Kiss Have a nice week,